The Studio - Audioplanet

Located in the beautiful Kashubian countryside, near the historic Polish-German border, AudioPlanet is the brainchild of Kris Górski, Polish composer and producer of film and popular music.

The history of the studio dates back to 2000, when AudioPlanet was first established in France. In 2010, after 21 years abroad, Kris returned to his native Poland with the intention of recreating his French establishment. First, the studio operated for 5 years in Koleczkowo near the Tri-City, and finally found its destination here in Lakie.

AudioPlanet is not only a recording space. It is a place where the Artists can devote themselves entirely to creation in the privacy of the home environment. It’s a place, where technology blends with nature. Personal comfort and being well looked after are our priority, supported by high-end instruments and recording equipment, as well as Kris’s 26 years of experience.

After the recording session, you can go for a walk by the lake or in the forest, spend the evening by the fire or fireplace in the living room, to get inspiration for new creative ideas.

We are open all year round. We offer comfortable conditions for artists to stay in our cosy rooms with views of the lake and the garden, inspiring surroundings of nature and tasteful food from local products.