PRICES - Audioplanet


Recording day (8h) from 10am to 6pm :

– studio – 170 € ex VAT*

– assistant – 100 € ex VAT*

– Kris – 200 ex VAT*

The price includes the use of the studio and equipment.

You are also most welcome to come with your own sound engineer.

The final price will depend on the length of the booking.
We offer price reductions depending on the length of the reservation.

If you need longer / different working hours, please contact us.
We prepare the session in advance so that we can start working as soon as possible.

We want every client of to feel at home here, so please bring comfortable changing shoes to wear in the studio, or we can offer you a pair of warm slippers for guests if needed.

Instrument Tuning

Our grand piano and upright piano are tuned and kept in perfect condition by Mateusz Lipiński.

Below are the costs of tuning each instrument :

Grand Piano : 70 € ex VAT*

Piano : 70 € ex VAT*

The presence of a tuner throughout the day: 180 € ex VAT*

Due to the sudden changes in fuel prices, travel costs are variable, currently it is 50 € ex vat*

Track / Album Mix

Final mixing of the track / album or preparation of the material for mastering. The price depends on the number of tracks and the length of the track or album – starting at 120 € ex VAT per track.

Full production of the song / album

The price depends on individual arrangements, length and scope of the project:
– composition
– arrangement
– producer care
– recording (including hiring musicians)
– mix
– mastering (external)
contact us!!

Session Musicians

We constantly cooperate with session musicians. They are outstanding performers of the music scene in Poland. They will help your music reach new levels of professionalism.


Individual production consultations with Kris Górski – see details.

60 min session – 45 € ex VAT

120 min session – 80 € ex VAT

Full 8 hour session – 260 € ex VAT

Exchange rate very a lot. The prices are subject to change.
* we issue VAT invoices