One of the most endearing aspects of staying in our studio is the possibility of staying in a place lost between forests, lakes, and meadows. We offer 4 double rooms in the main house and a separate guest house for 4 or 6 people. Additionally, we can offer breakfasts lunches and dinners.

For Artists hiring the studio, we offer a special price16 € per night, optional meals (breakfast and dinner) for 14€ per day.

* * *

The rooms and the cottage can also be rented outside the recordings, spending time relaxing with the family or alone. Painters, poets, and musicians come here not only to create, but also to take advantage of all the charms of our area, eat good homemade food and spend time by the fireplace reading a book or playing the piano. Here poems, pictures, and music are created, which then go out into the world, carrying a bit of the Lakie House with them.