COACHING - Audioplanet


We offer individual and group coaching with Kris in the field of music production, during which you will learn how to write, record and sell your music.

We will cover topics such as:

  • analysis of the musical structure of your song in relation to contemporary trends;
  • selection of microphones and recording techniques;
  • mix elements (levels, panorama, correction, compression, effects, pitch correction, dynamic eq, etc);
  • Your presence on social networks as an artist;

We use Zoom, which we prefer for its high-quality audio options. We can also meet in person at the AudioPlanet studio, with the possibility of accommodation. Before the meeting, you are welcome to prepare a list of questions, problems or musical references, which you wish to refer to in the conversation. There will certainly be plenty of new questions during the session, but to make things easier, it’s always better to have something to start with.

We offer sessions of one hour or more, up to a full day. During this time, we will focus together on every detail of your musical equipment. We will discuss all stages of production. Thus, you will immediately apply your newly acquired theoretical knowledge, which is the most effective way to develop. To reduce costs, you can invite one or two companions who, like you, want to learn new knowledge and skills.

Séance 60 min – 50 € HT

Séance 120 min – 90 € HT

Séance d’une journée (8 heures) – 280 € HT